“They’re tourists, what do they know?”


One of Wingnut and my favorite rides (probably should be “rides” in this case) is MuppetVision 3D. Not so much a ride as it is a show, but oh what a show it is. I think the preshow is actually my favorite part of the show. More than several times I have been tempted to let the purple glasses-wearing crowd pass by, hiding amongst the crates of Miss Piggy’s props and 2D Fruities, so I can watch the preshow in its entirety. Yes, again.

It’s time to get things started…


Before actually entering the building on a recent trip, I suggested to Wingnut that we take a stroll slightly to the right. And around the back of the building.

Wingnut gave me one of his commonly-seen “this is entirely your weirdo thing” looks, letting me approach the unsuspecting cast member first.

We went up to the doors of the Muppets. As you probably know, the area we wanted to go to is normally blocked off by chains, as it is queue overflow area, but I’m pretty sure the line never gets that long. I didn’t want to go straight to the back alley of the Muppets.

“Hi there, come on in, the show’s about to start!” a cheerful CM greeted us.

“Um, hi. Do you mind if we go behind the chains over there before going into the show? I just wanted to…um…look at something…” I’ll admit, I felt like I was asking to go into the super secret backstage areas.

“Oh sure! No problem!”

I reassured her we’d return (not sure that she was actually concerned about that), and our adventure began!

Basically, there is a long unused line setup, with a ton of funny posters. One side has movie poster parodies, and one side has instructions on how to use your 3-D glasses, among other things. I mostly took pictures of the movie poster side, the “instructional” posters were a bit farther away.













And a few from the other side of the queue ropes




Our loitering outside of the Muppets building completed, Wingnut and I went back around to the entrance, said our “Hi again’s” to the CM, and went inside, to where the pre-show was just beginning!

No, we did not walk while wearing our 3D glasses, do not fear!



A blurry photo of my two favorite hecklers.


Some area shots around the Muppets vicinity:



I know that the Muppets don’t really hold the same rope drop sense of urgency as does Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, or Rock N’ Rollercoaster, but it really is a show worth seeing (I won’t hold it against you if it falls 3rd or 5th or so in your Hollywood Studios touring plan).

And it is DEFINITELY a pre-show worth seeing!

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  1. I have seen some of those posters before, it is a shame that most people don’t even bother to look around. Also sad that a lot of kids do not know who the Muppets are.

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