Just singin’ in the rain…


One of my favorite little Disney “secrets” in the parks is the Singing in the Rain umbrella, found in Hollywood Studios. It’s such a simple thing, but another fun movie touch that makes Hollywood Studios what it is.

If you have never seen this and am wondering “what umbrella? I know about a giant hat…”, venture to the Streets of America, way back towards Lights! Motors! Action!, and hang a left right before you actually exit the streets.

Confused? So am I.


(Map from wdwinfo.com)

The umbrella is where the giant yellow arrows are pointing.


So as you can see, the umbrella is, essentially, an umbrella.

Except it is also SO MUCH MORE.

I called it the Singing in the Rain umbrella, didn’t I? So of course, Disney also puts you in charge of the weather of those several square feet.

See that little black square I’m standing on? When you stand on that (and it isn’t absolutely freezing or Disney isn’t trying to conserve water), it rains all around the umbrella, perfect for your best Singing in the Rain impression.

(The area decorated for the Osborne Lights)


This umbrella isn’t just a great photo op, it is also the spot of one of my favorite games, “Hmm..I can’t figure out how to make the rain work..”, in which you feign confusion (“I swear, I thought there was supposed to be rain here!”), poking around the umbrella for a button. Wait until one of your travel companions (preferably not the one holding your camera!) comes over to help, and hop on the black square!

The laughs and hilarity will ensue! (At least, for you…)


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  1. hey it’s Scrappie (Julie) here and i don’t kinow why I didn’t know you had this Blog…but I just read the last 5 postings and good just keep going plus i learned a few things I never knew about those Mupput movie parady posters my DS N would just LOVE those! I will have to try that…great stuff here and the singing in the rain umbrella I love love that movie and still have yet to take my photo by that!

    • Hey Julie!!! I just started up the blog, brand new adventure! Hahaha.

      The Muppet posters are a lot of fun! They’re around the right side and back of the building the ride is in. You should definitely check out the umbrella! I’d try to go on a nice warm day, the water should be on then!

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