The allure of the glow


Disney has the ability to make ordinary objects entirely irresistible to the crowds. Typically this is done by making the item Mickey-shaped. Such as in a sprinkle.


But sometimes they up the ante, and the item is taken to another dimension entirely.

They add a glow cube.


This is the blue “glow-tini”, a drink that was practically everywhere during the Year of a Million Dreams, a “year” that encompassed 2006 and 2007. Now this drink can be found at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in DHS, in all of it’s blue sugary glory.


While it is certainly a novelty drink, it is pretty good too. Definitely sweet, but a fun and refreshing Disney treat.

I mentioned that it glows too, right?

Thanks to a reusable glow cube jauntily placed in the drink, your drink can either stay a solid glowing color, blink slowly, blink rapidly, or not glow at all (boring). A button on the side of the cube controls the illumination preference.

Glow cubes are also available in drinks at the Sci-Fi Dine-In (milkshakes), and the Magical Star Cocktail in various locations.

For the younger set, glowing drink accouterments can be found in most of the Disney restaurants in the form of a clipped-on character to the straw in a coordinating reusable cup. Currently, the characters that can be found are Tinker Bell or Buzz Lightyear, found on a Fairies or Toy Story 3 cup, respectively.

Here is the Tink version:


Tinkerbell and Fairy Friends cup

While the glowing items certainly don’t add to the flavor of what you’re drinking, they absolutely add to the experience! (And isn’t that what Disney’s all about?)


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