Throwback Disney shirt


Wingnut and I recently moved into an apartment together, which meant that I rediscovered a bunch of old stuff I hadn’t seen in years, including a set of Backstreet Boys action figures that were part of a Burger King promotion back in approximately 2000.

(Yes, Wingnut thought that those could be thrown away. No, I did not let him.)

But this isn’t a Backstreet Boys blog.

Also hiding in the back of my closet was a shirt I had gotten in WDW back in 1997. Back when the castle looked like this:

I’ll admit, as my younger self, I thought the pink cake castle was pretty cool. I remember leaning over the bridge and touching the side of the Pepto-Bismol covered facade, wondering what it was made of. (According to Wikipedia, “icing” and paint.)

However, looking back, it does look quite gaudy. And if I was a 1997 Disney bride with photos planned, I’d be freaking out.

But as a pre-teen, this was a souvenir-worthy occasion!

(yes, that is a giant stuffed chicken behind me)

(This is Now!!! – Walt Disney World – 1997)


(That was then – Walt Disney World – 1971)

What do you think of the Castle Cake? Awesome? Horrific? A combination thereof?


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