Winter/Summerfest – Part One!


One of the things that annoys me about the holiday season is how quickly you are onslaught with everything festive, to the point where you get sick of it before the festivities even take place, and then there is a dearth of festivity for the rest of the year.

Take the music, for example. When you first start to hear those beloved tunes such as Christmas Eve Sarajevo or All I Want For Christmas Is You, you’re all excited. You haven’t heard these songs in forever.

But then they’re played ALL THE TIME. And you start to think that if you hear The Little Drummer Boy one more time, you might lose it.

And then, as quickly as it all arrived, the holiday music is gone, tucked away for another 11 months.

This slightly drawn-out introduction is the explanation as to why I am choosing to talk about all of the fun holiday touches in WDW now. In August.

There isn’t a lot of holiday spirit in August, is there? But they’re right around the corner (albeit a 4-month-long corner), and well, I thought we could all use a little advance festivity.

Hence, Augustmas. A 4-part series in which I will highlight some of the awesome details and touches Disney adds around the holiday season.

First, a few of the larger-than-what-you’ll-put-in-your-living-room trees. They are all unique to their setting, adding to the fun.

Magic Kingdom



Hollywood Studios







Animal Kingdom

xmas tree

The resorts also put up their own unique trees. Here are just a few of them:

Animal Kingdom Lodge



Grand Floridian


Yacht Club






Of course, these are just a few of the magical and majestic trees that grace Disney property around the holiday season. Which is your favorite Disney holiday tree?

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