Winter/Summerfest – Part Two!


Giant trees aren’t the only decoration adorning the various locales of WDW during the holidays.

Far from it.

Today we will take a look at a different kind of decoration seen in a few of the deluxe resorts – the gingerbread concoctions.

As with the trees, these are far from all of the gingerbread decorations around the resorts, but here are the ones from the Grand Floridian and the Yacht & Beach Clubs!

The Grand Floridian goes “traditional” with a giant gingerbread house.


Seriously, this thing is huge.


And detailed.


Really detailed.


(Also, a fun place for holiday pictures)


Inside the gingerbread house is a store, selling little gingerbread houses and “shingles” for a smaller taste of the craftsmanship. (Gnawing on the walls of the large house is frowned upon.)

The Yacht & Beach Clubs have a different take on their gingerbread structure.


A carousel!


This carousel is just as detailed as the house.


While you can’t actually go into the carousel, as in the Grand Floridian’s creation, this one has the added fun of hidden Mickeys!


Nothing like the smell of gingerbread wafting through the lobby to get you into a holiday mood!


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