Winter/Summerfest – Part 4


While I have covered nowhere near all of the festive ambiance and activities Disney unleashes during the holiday season, I figure I will wrap up this 4-part series with a look at the little details. Not the huge trees, the spice-scented oversized gingerbread creations, or the spectacle of lights. Just the other little reminders placed throughout the resorts and parks that this is a season of celebrating (and yes, decorating!). Here is just a fraction of the many:

Lobby decor in the Yacht Club


The Yacht Club also puts out a train set


It’s themed with locations from the Yacht and Beach clubs



Beach Club


Animal Kingdom Lodge


Holiday topiaries in Epcot



Holiday sprinkles


Epcot adds a special holiday ending to Illuminations – very peaceful and wonderful.


Some of the details can’t be captured in a picture. For example, the parks, rather than the usual area music, play instrumental holiday music. (Here is part of the Hollywood Studios loop)

I’m sure you’ll notice that I didn’t include any of the ticketed events in this series, such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or the Candlelight Processional. While these events are also wonderful ways to experience Disney during the holidays, I had wanted to just write about the things you could “discover”. None of the items in my list require extra money, a ticket (beyond a park ticket in some cases), or a special time (except for the Osborne Lights, but those are almost nightly, or the ending to Illuminations). And in my mind, that makes them even more magical.

Feel free to chime in with your favorite Disney holiday events/decorations/special touches!


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