Kouzzina dinner


We arrived a little early for our reservation at Kouzzina, which happened to be just as the restaurant opened. We sat on the Boardwalk, watching the ducks bob around the boat dock and the happy vacationers ambling around.


So while we were sitting outside Kouzzina, the staff all came out in front of the restaurant, circled up, and did a little cheer for Cat Cora and Kouzzina . It was a fun way for everyone to get into the spirit and fun of the restaurant (without being really over-the-top or cheesy).


We went inside, and were promptly seated. I then promptly decided to have a drink, upon hearing the words “sparkling” “wine” and “sangria”.

Sparkling Sangria @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

Delicious! (For the record, I was given the option of red, white, or sparkling wine for the sangria. I’m a fan of white, and sparkles just seemed even more vacation-y )

We were dining here just a few days after Kouzzina reopened after a refurb. Some things we noticed were small screens in the lobby with pictures of Cat, and a few new menu items.

One new part of the dinner the restaurant added was an olive oil service along with the bread. They provided two types of olive oil, each with a slightly different flavor.

Olive Oil Tasting @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

One was a kalamata olive oil, and one was…something Wingnut and I both forget. We liked both, but preferred the kalamata olive one, as it had a bit of a bolder flavor. (I asked the woman walking around with both and asking diners their opinions as we were leaving which one that most people preferred, and she said it was the kalamata olive one, overwhelmingly.) The olive oils were accompanied by a little dish of olives (just to ensure I would use the word “olive” a few more times in this review, I’m sure).

For his appetizer, Wingnut had the saganaki, which he was happy to see on the menu.

Saganaki @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

He says “it was really good… I’ve had several saganaki’s, and this was the best of the lot. With the capers adding some saltiness and the bread a little crunch, it really was tasty.”

I decided to have the Kouzinna spreads.

Kouzzina Spreads @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

There are 6 options to choose from (you can pick 3). I went with the Chickpea Hummus (very good), Skordalia (not my favorite, but was still good), and the Whipped Feta with Peppers (I picked this more for Wingnut, he enjoyed it, I thought it was alright). The other options are Harissa Yogurt, Eggplant Spread, or Tzatziki. This was accompanied by some pita, olives, and peppers.

Wingnut then moved on to the Kouzzina Trio, which includes Greek Lasagna, a Lamb Burger, and Cinnamon-stewed Chicken.

Kouzzina Trio @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

He says: “The lamb burger is the highlight, it has a nice spice to it and is very tender and juicy. The pastitsio is very creamy and cheesy, but was my least favorite of the three – although thats not saying it is not delicious. (Lets see how many more triple negatives i can get into a sentence here ) The chicken with orzo was really good, but very cinnamon-y. It is a very different flavor than anything I had ever tried, but for fan of cinnamon, it was definitely a must-try.”

I decided to have the Wood-Grilled NY Strip Steak.

Wood-Grilled Flank Steak @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

I had had this dish the year before, when it was served with the flank steak instead (but with the same accompaniments). I enjoyed it a lot more the previous trip, this time the steak wasn’t as much to my liking, and the herb salsa seemed incredibly salty (but Wingnut thought it tasted alright to him – I may have also been feeling finicky after a bit of disappointment with the dish). What was one of my favorite meals of the trip before definitely did not measure up this time, I really think that the flank steak was a much better fit for this dish.

Oh well, on to dessert!

I was hopeful that I would be able to have the Loukoumades (Greek-style doughnuts), but sadly for Stringbean, those were cinnamon dusted. Undeterred by spices, Wingnut decided to have them.

Loukoumades @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

Unfortunately, it was Wingnut’s point in the meal to be disappointed. “The dipping sauces were nice, not too sweet, nice flavor. However, the donuts were just puffs with no real flavor or substance, and deflated when you bit into them.”

Foiled from my original plan, but not discouraged, I chose the chocolate budino cake.

Chocolate Budino Cake @ Kouzzina, Boardwalk

This was very good, it was a fairly typical molten chocolate cake, but was allergen-free, so that earns a from me. The whipped cream a nice fresh accompaniment, but I could have used about 5 times as much as they provided (and I don’t use whipped cream with abandon).

So, Kouzzina. While we did have a very nice meal, it did have its ups and downs, a little more so than our previous experience. The food is very good, and is a nice and different type of meal from a lot of the other places around WDW. And I do love being in the Boardwalk area, it’s a nice excuse to meander around there.


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